Ms Meeta Chakrabarti

Choosing the right school is immensely important, be it when our children first start out and heavily rely on their parents to identify the environment that fits, or at any other stage in our journey of life. As one of the new age schools in this region, DPS Howrah has already made a mark of educational excellence based on firmly embedded values, a passion for learning and an environment which inspires through its sheer diversity. In keeping with our school vision ‘SACH’ we at DPS Howrah foster outstanding relationships from which students, parents, teachers and staff, draw their ambition to do well and make a lasting contribution to school life and society at large.

As the Headmistress of the Middle School section, I feel a real sense of privilege in having the opportunity to be an integral part of the educating fraternity. It is an exciting place to be. It is a school where we subscribe to High Performance Learning, a pedagogy that requires teachers to instil in our students thinking skills and a growth mind-set in an enquiry-based learning environment. These most essential ingredients for success in the 21st century are complemented and enhanced by a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme of sport, music, drama, educational expeditions and many other pursuits, all designed to educate the whole person.

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