Indoor Clubs

Classical Music

The seven notes, the dulcet chirping of the birds, the pitter-patter of the raindrops, the gurgling stream, the chime of the wind is pure music. The music club inculcates appreciation of myriad sounds abundant in nature teaching the connect and rhythm in nature. Students also learn to play music through various instruments in the club.

Classical Dance

Students in this club are taught to move rhythmically, usually with music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. The importance of this non verbal form of communication is emphasised at all great length. Involvement of flexibility and body movements help students in keeping themselves fit.

Theatre Club

The incorporation of English dramatics club in our curriculum helps to refine and sharpen the latent actor in every child. Our vision is not only to take out a hidden actor but also to break the inhibition associated with public speaking abilities and performing in front of the audience that a child usually confronts. Theatre allows a child to explore the different human psyche through varied roles and provides a new avenue for innovation and imagination by shedding harsh reality of crude and humdrum life.

Chess Club

Chess helps in the development of the mind. As a sport, it requires a  lot of mental stamina. Students are introduced to various levels of chess concepts depending on their performance. It is where a child is taught to analyse, plan, strategize and devise tactics to discover the power of mind game.

3D Printing Club

In this club students create a three-dimensional object, in which material is moulded under computer control. 3D printing allows students to bring ideas to life, going from a sketch on paper to a physical model. It gives form to every child’s creativity.

Scratch Club

The Scratch club takes an object oriented approach towards computer programming. It is designed to be a platform that develops students’ programming skills by allowing them to create their own animations and games.

German Language

Preferred are those who can duel in different languages. The German language club offers a wide way to engulf the language, which will undoubtedly help the students to become global citizens. With specialized knowledge of the language- German, students might also be able to study abroad.

Khana Khazana

A tinge of saffron, a pinch of salt, marinated delicacies and all those mouth-watering antiquities. The Khana Khazan club offers a first-hand experience of the art called cooking. A student not only get to learn how to cook but also deals in the entire manifestation of the art, from marinating to garnishing.

Sanskrit Shushrutas

Sanskrit is the language that cognate us with our origin. The Sanskrit Club is here to succor the students to be well up in the native language. The members being at home with this linguistic legacy will be able to contribute and conserve our antique cultural heritage.

Vedic Math Club

 Do you know how to back calculate a Pythagoras theorem? Not many do. The Vedic Math Club introduces the students to the world of simpler and swifter calculations. All members of the club are introduced the various mathematical sutras which allows them to understand and solve complex equations faster and in an easier manner.

Spanish Guitar Club

Sweet slender rhythm of the flamenco can soothe all anxiety. The Spanish Guitar club allows the student to master the skills of playing a classical Spanish guitar. The Spanish guitar club inculcates the habit of sound and rhythm among the students.


Rhythm is important in life as it helps us to maintain balance. The Tabla club allows the students to grab hold of their rhythmical sense through the classic percussion instrument called Tabla.

Personality Development

Your personality is the manifestation of who you are and what you want to be. The Personality Development club grooms and shapes the personalities of the young minds, to be better demonstrators of tomorrow. The purpose of this club is to build up a sense of confidence among the students by erasing all kinds of self-doubt.

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